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Asking questions is an essential part of learning. Not only that, but a child who asks questions is likely to be more critical, creative, and curious later in life. That's why, in this post, you'll find tips on how to encourage your child to be more inquisitive.

How to Encourage Your Child to Ask Questions

Let Them Be Curious

Curiosity is very present during childhood. If you want your child to be more inquisitive, allow them to explore, interact with the world around them, and be curious about it all.

Create a Positive Environment

Asking questions can be intimidating for some children, which is why you should make sure that your child is surrounded by a positive environment where they can speak their mind and share their questions.

Avoid Discouraging Them

To build a bit more on the previous entry, do not discourage your child from asking questions, even if you find them repetitive or too obvious.

Learn New Things Together

Learning new things makes way for new questions. For that reason, you should search for new things to learn with your child (for example, a new language).

Provide Encouraging Responses

Most questions are meant to be answered. That's why you should not only encourage your child to ask questions but provide encouraging responses as well that can help them learn.

Ask Them!

Last but not least, you can turn things around and ask them. A simple "why do you think that is" can give your child the opportunity to use their reasoning and creativity.

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