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Studying for finals is quite an event for any student. Still, employing the wrong study method can take a toll on your academic performance. If you love using highlighters to study, follow the tips below so you can use them effectively and make the most out of your study sessions.

How to Study with a Highlighter

Use Highlighters as a Study Aid

For starters, you should use highlighters as a study aid, not a study method, since simply highlighting won't help you learn. Instead, use them as a complement for when you're taking notes, for example.

Make Use of Different Colors

Highlighting information in different colors can make identifying, retaining, and recalling said information easier. You can even designate a specific highlighter color to a specific type of information (for example, pink highlighter for names).

Avoid Scribbling With Highlighters

It's not uncommon for students to use their highlighters to write notes or doodle on the margins of their textbooks. Still, this can be a mistake, as those scribbles can distract you from the relevant information, so only use your highlighters to highlight.

Use Your Highlighters Wisely

Last but not least, use your highlighters wisely. Making everything stand out means that nothing will. For that reason, highlight on your 2nd or 3rd review of a text, once you have a good idea of what is important.

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