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How to Improve Your Notes

With summer vacation coming to an end, you should use this time as an opportunity to get ready for school and become the best student you can be. For instance, you can prepare and learn how to take good notes for your next school year, so you can have more effective study sessions. For tips on how to improve your note-taking skills for a more successful school term, continue reading.
  • Cleanliness and organization are very important: keep your subjects separated in different notebooks, and keep those notebooks clean, so you can study off of them without much hassle.
  • When you're in the classroom, have your writing tools nearby, so you don't waste time looking for them when you should be taking notes.
  • Mind your handwriting and how you put sentences together. Neglecting this can result in confusing and incomprehensible notes.
  • Create a strategy so you don't fall behind while taking notes. You can, for example, write down what's on the blackboard, use common abbreviations, and focus on noting the main ideas.
  • Certain information needs to be emphasized because it's more relevant than other. To that end, employ sticky notes, colored pens, and highlighters when needed.
  • Finally, remember to review your notes once you're done with them. Doing so will help you notice if you missed something, which will give you a chance to ask your teacher to clarify.

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