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Group Versus Individualized Instruction

As nearly everyone is aware, the standard structure of school classes in the US consists of one teacher instructing a group of 25 or so students on average.  This method is certainly effective, as for generations it has produced successful students of all backgrounds that have gone on to achieve plenty in life.  But the system is not without its shortcomings.  While the group (class) setting is effective in terms of its efficiency, it is not necessarily the best format for learning.  Studies have repeatedly shown that with one-to-one instruction students learn better and retain more.

Advantages of One-to-One Instruction

Giving a student individualized attention, for example, in the form of tutoring in Missouri City, has several advantages.  With individualized instruction, the content, materials, and pace of learning are based on the specific interests and abilities of each individual student.  This is extremely important because as we have discussed in previous blog entries, not all children come equipped with the same learning styles or propensities to respond to the same material.  Whether your child is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner should influence the form of instruction they receive.   This will give them a greater opportunity to respond favorably to the instruction, and allow them to become active and engaged learners.

Tutoring in Missouri City

At the Tutoring Center in Missouri City, our after school tutoring programs are based on this type of individual instruction.  Our Geniuses in Training programs all feature one-to-one instruction between the tutor and student, which serves to get the most out of the student's natural abilities.  We even offer a Free Diagnostic Assessment to every potential student, in order to determine  where they might need help, and how they prefer to learn.   From there we tailor a customized plan designed to fit their individual needs.  Call us today at (281) 410-5946 to get setup with the assessment, and put your child on the path to academic success.


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