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How to Introduce Your Kids to Homophones

Your child's listening skills will naturally increase as they are presented with common words and new sounds through their educational path. Whilst these experiences provide valuable learning opportunities, The Tutoring Center in Missouri City has a few ideas for you to boost your child's listening skills outside of their private tutoring.

Teach Listening Comprehension at Home

Incorporate small learning activities into regular cooking and cleaning activities by asking your kids to 'add those two ingredients together'. As they are mixing, ask them which spelling they used and have them create their own sentences utilizing both 'add' and 'measure'. These are great opportunities to keeps your childs' brains active and always listening carefully.

Keep Learning Enjoyable and Funny

Kids love laughing at the silliest things, so why not make the silly things educational? Utilize homophones and create jokes with your children. Searching the internet will get you all started and give you some ideas. Once you are your kids are laughing, use this time as an educational opportunity. For example: What do you say to comfort a sad homophone? There, Their, They're. This silly joke gives you the opportunity to challenge your kids to differentiate between the three words, and correctly use them in their own sentences.

The Importance of Listening Skills

All parents understand the importance of improving your child's listening skills, and these are some great ways for you and your child to enjoy the learning experience together. If improving your children's listening skills and giving them a competitive advantage interests you, speak with The Tutoring Center on 281-410-5946 about how your child can benefit from one-to-one instruction on listening, reading and math help in Missouri City.


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