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Routines are important: they provide structure and definition to your days, and they can give you purpose. For children, a routine also helps them exercise their self-discipline and gives them a sense of security. Unfortunately, all of this can go away when summer vacation begins. To help your child have a purposeful and advantageous summer, you can follow the tips below to create a summer routine for them.

How to Create a Summer Routine for Your Child

Plan the Summer

First of all, get together with your family and discuss what you'll do over the summer (if you'll go on a trip, if there's an important date coming up, and more). Don't forget to take your child's interests into account as you do.

Set a Daily Schedule

Next up, you will have to set a daily schedule so you can provide structure for your child's summer days. Be sure to include their sleeping and eating schedules, their downtime, their chores, and other consistent activities they have going on.

Keep Them Busy

A summer camp, a cooking class, dance lessons, and other similar daily activities, will also help your child have a routine during summer. Plus, they'll likely have a more advantageous, fun, and interesting summer this way.

Give Them Chores

If you'd like your child to have a sense of purpose and accomplishment even when they're not in school, give them chores to do. Simple tasks, like taking out the garbage or washing the dishes, will remind them about responsibility and hard work.

Be Flexible

As mentioned above, routines are important. Still, you shouldn't forget that this is your child's chance to rest and enjoy their time off school, so don't be overly strict with them.

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