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Reading is a necessary life skill; there’s no argument about it. However, sometimes it can be really hard to get the hang of reading at an early age. Some kids resent it because the topic is ‘boring’. Other children may have a hard time putting sounds into letters and words. Regardless, in addition to one-to-one instruction and courses, The Tutoring Center of Missouri City has few tips that parents can use at home to help make the learning process easier.

Be a Model

Don’t force your child to sit there struggling through their first books alone. Sit down with them from a very early age and read to them. As they get older, encourage them to read along. You will need to greatly reduce the speed you read at and exaggerate the pronunciation of most words, but young brains are like sponges. The more they hear, the more they’ll learn.

Make it Interesting

At the beginning, the topics need to be captivating enough to excite a child’s interest in reading.Pick interesting and fun books to keep your child engaged, encouraging your kids to help pick out books. As a parent, be selective with the content, but allow freedom of the topic. If the books are too complicated, the learning process won’t take hold, even if it’s interesting.

Help with the Hard Work

When your child has a reading assignment for school they are struggling especially hard with, sit with them and help. Encourage them to do as much of it on their own, but be there for when they need you. If it’s a long assignment, offer to help by reading to them occasionally. Be sure they are paying attention though!

At home reading can be tricky to learn and enjoy. Typically as reading proficiency increases, so will a child’s interest in reading. Starting young is the best way to make this interest as natural as possible; and remember, one-to-one instruction from professional tutoring centers can be a great asset. For information on reading help and one-to-one instruction in Missouri City, call our tutoring experts at (281) 410-5946 today!


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