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 Good notes are an invaluable asset if you’re a student. They’re your main study aid, which means they help reinforce your knowledge, and may even help determine how well you do on your tests. However, if your note taking skills aren’t too strong, don’t worry. This post will go over a few...
 Here at The Tutoring Center in Missouri City, TX, we teach your children academic skills such as reading, writing and math. Preparing your child to be independent is essential to the learning process as well. Teaching your child life skills is important for self-care and sufficiency. It...
 There comes a time in most students’ lives in which they may feel they’ve reached a dead end with their homework (be it because they find the subject or topic challenging, don’t understand the assignment fully, or simply aren’t feeling inspired to work). Still, if you’d like to keep your...
Your child is one of your most important responsibilities. You are likely then, to have many plans for him or her and many ideas of how you can help your child reach ultimate academic success. You can check out some simple ideas like these on how to help your child move forward when stuck on...
Here at The Tutoring Center in Missouri City, TX, we try to keep distractions to a minimum while your child is being tutored. But, with all the distractions in school and at home, it isn't easy to focus on a task for any length of time. Focus and concentration is a critical life skill. Here are a...
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