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 Good notes are an invaluable asset if you’re a student. They’re your main study aid, which means they help reinforce your knowledge, and may even help determine how well you do on your tests. However, if your note taking skills aren’t too strong, don’t worry. This post will go over a few tips you can follow to improve.

How to Improve Your Note Taking Skills

Stay Organized and Clean

Having a notebook/folder combo for each subject (and using them accordingly), writing down the date and title on each page, and keeping doodles and mistakes away from your notebook, can be game changers when the time to study comes around!

Write Appropriately

Have you ever tried to study off your notes only to be left wondering what you meant when you wrote them? In order to avoid this, make it a point to structure proper sentences that make sense and write with legible penmanship that you can actually understand.

Have a Writing System

Unless you want to fall behind in class, you need to come up with a writing system that will allow you to take notes efficiently and quickly. For example, note main ideas instead of writing down every word the teacher utters. Likewise, use common abbreviations for certain words.

Emphasize Where Needed

More often than not, there’ll be certain information that is more relevant than other, which is why you should help it stand out from the rest of your notes. To do this, you can use highlighters, pens with fun colors, or even sticky notes.

Reread and Clear Up

Once you’re done with your note taking, make sure to read what you just wrote. By doing so, you’ll get a chance to see if you missed something or if there was a particular lesson you didn’t understand. If that’s the case, make sure to ask your teacher or classmates to explain.

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