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 Here at The Tutoring Center in Missouri City, TX, we teach your children academic skills such as reading, writing and math. Preparing your child to be independent is essential to the learning process as well. Teaching your child life skills is important for self-care and sufficiency. It also allows him to feel empowered and helps him with socialization and reasoning. Below is a list of age-appropriate life skills that your child should be taught before leaving the nest.

Five Years Old

By the time your child reaches her fifth birthday, she should know safety skills such as memorizing her name, address, phone number and be able to make an emergency call. Along with these skills , she should also know how to help with household chores such as dusting, taking dishes to the sink after meals, putting clean clothes away, feeding pets, basic hygiene without assistance, and choosing her own clothes to wear.

Seven to Eight Years Old

At this point in your child’s life, he or she should have a good understanding of how to prepare food. He can help with kitchen duties such as;  mixing, stirring, cutting with a knife (probably not a sharp one to begin with.) Make a basic meal, such as a sandwich. Help put the groceries away and wash the dishes. He should also be able to clean up the bathroom after using it and make his bed without assistance.

Ten to Twelve Years Old

This is around the age when your child begins to perform many skills independently. She should be able to; Stay home alone, go to the store and buy things by herself, use the washing machine, plan and prepare a whole meal using the oven and look after younger siblings or neighbor kids.

Fourteen to Eighteen Years Old

By the time your child is Eighteen, he will need to know how to support himself. There are still a few skills he should know before venturing out on his own, such as; Scheduling regular doctor and dentist appointments, a comprehensive knowledge of finances. He should understand basic contracts, like an apartment or car lease. He should also know how to take care of a car or know how to get around without one.

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Watching your child move out into the world is one of the hardest things a parent goes through. But knowing you have provided your child with the skills he or she needs to succeed is the whole point of parenting. If your child needs extra educational support, e-mail The Tutoring Center at for more information.


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