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Using Monopoly to Help Your Student Reach Their Potential

Each time that you and your family sit down to play a board game you will each have a list of games that you want to play. Some will involve cards, others pretend money, while others will rely on pure strategy. Of course, there is always one game which everybody is ready to play and that’s Monopoly! And while you may all enjoy playing the game as it is, what if there was an easy way to turn it into a learning activity? The Tutoring Center, Missouri City TX has a post on how you can do just that! You will need:
  • A regular Monopoly set (if you have a themed set, this will work also)
  • Small post-it notes or scrap paper
With the board laid on out the table, make some adjustments:
  • Use your post its or paper to cover the purchase price of each property and utility and replace it with difficult to calculate or unfamiliar figures. For example, instead of a property costing $250, change the price to $247 or even $252.
  • Similarly, take the property cards and adjust the rent, house purchase, and hotel purchase prices to uneven numbers, similar to the above.
  • If your youngster has been struggling with a certain set of percentage calculations, institute a rule which allows whoever lands on ‘Free Parking’ 10 seconds to count up all of the money and then calculate the set percentage for their chance to win the percentage as a bonus.
Once you have the game board all set up it’s time for the most important change; To make your student The Banker. While the changes may seem small, the altered amounts will require your youngster to calculate unfamiliar figures and make change for odd amounts, which will work to stretch their basic math skills. Of course, in addition to helping them learn the game can also help parents to identify learning struggles. For example, if your student struggles to make change for properties which end in a 7, then consider math based tutoring to help.

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