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Summer may seem like a relaxing time as the school stress is gone. However, your children need to keep practicing their academic skills, otherwise they can suffer learning losses in the areas of reading and math that can slow down their progress or even fall behind class.  Fortunately,  there are many ways to prevent it. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Missouri City, we would like to share useful ideas to avoid this phenomenon.

Stop the Summer Slide

Visit the Library

Encouraging your children to read may take time and this summer is a good opportunity to set a solid foundation. Remember that most libraries will have a reading programs that will motivate children from all ages to read. Also, make sure to get reading material that suits their age and interests.

Math Abilities

Practicing math abilities can also be fun and recipes are a good way to bring together reading and math. If you are taking a road trip, get your children involved and ask them to calculate distances. Lastly, a math workbook may seem uninteresting but solving a few problems a day will maintain their math skills.

Summer Tutoring

Summer tutoring is not only a good excuse to leave the house during this vacation, but it's also a good way to practice and fill in learning gaps. This way you children will get ahead of their class and be prepared for the next academic term. These activities will not only make your children's vacation more exciting, but they will help them to practice their academic skills. Also,  science experiments at home are another way to keep your children busy  while they learn, so be sure to read our post on this topic.

Tutoring in Missouri City

If you are looking for tutoring in Missouri City, think about The Tutoring Center.  Our experienced tutors will provide your children with the attention they need to improve their struggle areas . Call 281-410-5946 to schedule a free consultation.


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