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The dictionary can be an extremely useful learning tool when we're reading, writing, spelling, or engaging in another activity. However, for it to be useful, one must know how to employ it correctly. If you'd like to help your child use the dictionary to their advantage, teach them with the following tips.

How to Use a Dictionary

  1. Before we begin, your child should know the alphabet by heart. You can sing the ABC song with them to help them learn the order of the letters effectively.
  2. The next step is to get a dictionary. However, not just any dictionary; if your child is just starting out, a simple, updated, and pocket-size English dictionary should suffice.
  3. Then, you should teach your child about the dictionary, its different components (the thesaurus, the words' pronunciation, the part of speech, etc.), what they mean, and what they're used for.
  4. Moreover, teach your child to search for words. For instance, tell them to look for the section of the word's first letter in the dictionary, and to use the guide words at the top to learn if the word they need is in that page.
  5. Finally, make sure that your child understands the definition. To that end, encourage them to search for any unknown words within the definition so they can have a better understanding of the meaning.

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