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Spelling correctly can be tricky: there are a lot of rules to learn (and their exceptions), homophones, and a disconnect between pronunciation and spelling that can make it complicated. However, knowing how to spell is essential in order to communicate efficiently and be understood. For that reason, in this post you'll find a few tips to help your child if they're having a challenging time spelling.

How to Improve in Spelling

Practice Reading and Writing

Encouraging your child to make a habit out of reading and writing can bring a myriad of benefits; one of which is an improvement in grammar, vocabulary, and of course, spelling.

Employ a Dictionary

A dictionary is a powerful learning tool; not only will your child be able to verify a word's spelling with it, but they'll also expand their vocabulary through it.

Turn to Mnemonic Devices

Being able to recall spelling rules is crucial to spell correctly. To help your child in this respect, employ rhymes or songs that can help them retain that information. For instance, "i before e, except after c".

Create a Spelling Log

Obviously, there are certain words that are harder to spell than others. For those challenging ones, encourage your child to keep a spelling log where they can write them down and practice them.

Help Them Practice More

If you'd like your child to practice their spelling even more, you can give them worksheets for them to complete. You can search for ones online that are suited for their age and level.

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