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It may seem unbelievable, but the new school year is just around the corner! Help your child have a successful start by following the tips mentioned below.

How to Help Your Child Be Ready for School after Summer Break

Enjoy Your Time Off School

This first tip may seem obvious, but you should make sure that your child has a nice, fun, cultural, relaxing, educational, entertaining, enjoyable, summer break. This way, they'll get the sense that they got the most out of their time off, which will help them feel ready for the upcoming challenges of the new grade. Sit down with them and create some goals for their summer, so they can take full advantage of not being in school. You can take them to the zoo, enroll them in a sport, go on a trip, visit friends and family, read, play, and more.

Go Over their Notes and School Subjects

If your child takes their time off school a little bit too seriously (i.e. they don't think about their academics at all during the break), they may fall victim to the summer learning loss phenomenon. As you may know, it happens when your child forgets almost everything they learned during the previous school year, meaning that they go into the new grade unable to build new knowledge. If you don't want your child to struggle with their lessons when they are back in school, encourage them to review their notes a few times over the break.

Read and Research Next Year's Topics

Does your student feel anxious at all about going back to school? It may be because they're uncertain of what challenges they'll be facing when they move up a grade. If that's the case, and you would like to help them prepare, you can ask the school for next year's syllabus and read about the different topics that they'll be going over. You may even research these topics online so that your child has a better idea of the areas they'll be working on, the skills they'll be developing, and more. Having this knowledge can give them a sense of security and confidence that they'll be able to succeed academically.

Turn to Tutoring in Missouri City TX

One of the best things you can do for your child to prepare them for back to school is to enroll them in one-on-one instruction and tutoring classes in Missouri City TX. This way, they'll be able to work on their school subjects, catch up if they need it, refresh their knowledge, and reinforce their abilities further. Plus, there's no risk that they'll suffer from summer learning loss since they will be working on their subjects regularly. Additionally, tutoring can give your child a new outlook on the next school year: since they'll be more prepared, they'll feel more confident to continue learning and become a successful student. If you'd like to give tutoring a try, call The Tutoring Center, Missouri City TX at 281-410-5946 for more information on their summer academic programs, or to get a free diagnostic assessment.

Work on Their School Routine Little by Little

Going back to school can be a struggle because your child has to get up early again, eat meals at a different time, and change their whole summer break routine from one day to the other. So this doesn't happen with your child, work on resetting the routine little by little. For example, you can start setting earlier bedtimes and wake-up times as the first day of school comes closer; same goes for their eating habits/schedule. This way, you'll make the transition much smoother on them, and you'll be able to ensure that they don't spend their first few days back hungry and tired in the classroom.

Prepare Everything Else They May Need

Now is the time to start preparing your child's supplies, clothes, backpack, among other things. For example, you should begin checking what supplies they'll need, going through what they already have, and making a list of what you need to get. Make sure to buy the supplies little by little so they're not such a big economic burden. You can apply this same method for their clothes: do they still fit? Is there something you should buy? Finally, make sure to help your child pack their backpacks a few days in advance, to be certain they won't forget anything.

Get Excited About School

Finally, you need to help your child realize that going back to school can be fun, exciting, and enjoyable. Many students are reluctant to go back, and may even get anxious or scared. Help your child keep a positive attitude and mindset towards their new school year. Likewise, help them be more confident in themselves, in their abilities, and their knowledge, so they know they are prepared to make this next academic year the best one yet.

For Summer Tutoring Classes in Missouri City TX

Remember that The Tutoring Center, Missouri City TX offers summer academic programs aimed at helping your child improve in math, reading, writing, and more, all so they can start the new school year with their best foot forward. Call 281-410-5946 for more information on the benefits of tutoring classes in Missouri City TX.


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