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 Having enough rest is very important for everyone, but especially for students, as their daily activities, academic responsibilities and other chores will leave them exhaust. The role of sleep can’t be overstated and it has a key role in learning and other cognitive skills, allows your children staying alert during the day, restores their energy and many other benefits. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Missouri City, TX., we created the following post containing useful advice on improving your children’s sleep habits.


Several studies show that there’s a link between emotional stress and sleep problems, as it can trigger insomnia or fatigue. That’s why you should talk to your children and find out whether they are struggling in school or any other area in their life. Remember that there are many ways to treat stress, from psychotherapy to exercising.


The circadian cycles are responsible for controlling the sleep/awake times of your children, and you can set them by establishing regular bedtimes; even during the weekends. Remember that certain beverages like chocolate, tea or soda may contain caffeine, which will keep your children awake, so be sure to read the label of what they drink.


Your children should wear comfortable clothes and keep in mind that a bedtime routine can help your children relax. The room temperature should be cool and remember that a light snack is also recommended before going to bed. The use of laptops and cellphones should be banned after bedtime, as they will keep your children awake, plus these devices emit blue lights that can disrupt sleep.

Some of the signs that your children are having poor sleep habits are: difficulty falling asleep, waking up in the night and failing to get back to sleep, fatigue and drowsiness during the day. If you observe any of these signs in your children, make sure to follow these simple ideas to improve their sleep quality.  

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