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How You Can Mix Art and Math

When it comes time for the summer break it can be an impossible task to keep your children in the hoes for long enough to feed them let alone help them with their school work. Of course, as soon as the summer break is nothing more than a memory than your youngster’s body seems to once-again become attached to the couch. If this sounds like your living room and your poor couch could use a break, below is a great art based activity idea from The Tutoring Center, Missouri City TX which you and your student can enjoy to help them with their basic math skills.


If you can remember a time when your carpet and walls were being used for canvasses then you will love the redirection this activity will provide. Here is what you will need:
  • Two paint-by-numbers sets
  • An easy-to-clean space
  • A lot of patience
When you and your youngster are looking at paint sets, be sure to let them choose one which interests them. Similarly, be sure to choose one for yourself which you will enjoy completing. However, whichever you both choose, be sure that you can each clearly complete the set and that it includes a sufficient range of numbers for you to use. When you have returned home and have your workspace setup, it’s time to begin. But instead of using the regular method, consider the following:
  • Start work by painting all of the prime numbers in your set
  • Move on to any multiplication sets which your youngster has been struggling with
  • If there are any math questions they struggle with, use the answer on their paint-sheet as a guide
Once you have finished the above you can use any math equation with the answer still on the page to complete the paint-set.

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