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Learning skills in the outdoors is important for every child, and providing children with educational stimulation outside of the classroom may not be as difficult as you think.  In this post, The Tutoring Center in Missouri City will explore geocaching, and how it can assist with your child’s spatial reasoning skills and geographical knowledge.


On the surface, Geocaching may just seem like a giant game of hide and seek. You are provided with geographical information, find a hidden item, and then move on to the next. But hidden inside this exciting outdoor activity are tasks that require your kids to practice and expand their spatial reasoning skills and geographical knowledge. And the best part - it’s something you can enjoy alongside your children!

The location provided for each hidden item is a great opportunity to introduce your children to longitude and latitude, and a great way to start the activity with some learning. These skills are a great addition to directional skills your child will learn in or tutoring or an after school program.

Information provided in Geocaching provides the basic dimensions of the object you are looking for. This is a great task to grow your child’s spatial reasoning skills, as they are required to assess their surroundings and calculate likely and unlikely places the object is hidden. Doing this alongside your child is not only a great way to spend time together outdoors, but also allows you to identify any concerns you may have with your child’s spatial reasoning. If you find that your child is looking in places that are clearly too small for the dimensions of the hidden object, it can provide you the opportunity to focus more on their specific task in the activity.

Keep up the learning and fun

As you start to become accustomed with searching for, and finding the hidden objects, try getting involved further by creating your own hidden objects and sharing them with the Geocaching community. It can be a great reward for both you and your child to see people finding, or having trouble finding, your hidden objects.

It is important for children to learn in the company of their parents, and activities like these are a great way to help your child to faster and gain the competitive advantage. If this is something that interests you, our experts can provide reading, writing, and math help through one-to-one instruction or private tutoring in Missouri City. Call us today at (281) 410-5946 for more information.


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