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What Type of Learner is Your Child?

Everyone learns differently, and this is something that all good educators should take into account.  Through various investigational methods, researchers have identified three main learning types.  But what exactly are they?  And perhaps more critical, why are they so important?  Today we'd like to answer these essential questions and more.
  1. The Visual Learner- This student uses visual objects such as pictures, charts, graphs, and seeing information.
    • Able to memorize and correctly recall various information
    • Remembers things well that are written down
    • Can read body language well
    • Learns well by watching lectures
  2. The Auditory Learner- This student retains information through hearing and speaking.
    • Prefers to be told how to do things
    • Notices different nuances and aspects of speaking
    • Often has musical talent and background music may help with concentration
  3. The Kinesthetic Learner- This student uses a physical, hands-on approach to learning.
    • Generally good in math and science
    • Likes to demonstrate rather than explain
    • Likes working in groups

Why Identifying Learning Style is Important

There are two sides to the learning style coin: the learning style itself, and the corresponding teaching style.  If the two don't match up, a student can struggle to learn as well or as much as he or she is capable of.

Tutoring in Missouri City

Not all teachers will be capable of accommodating each of their students' learning styles.  If your child could use an extra boost, whether it be math help, homework help, or help with any schoolwork whatsoever, here at the Tutoring Center we would love to get involved.  Your child's education is invaluable, meaning that any investment in it can be considered money well spent.  But first, we'll start off with a Free Diagnostic Assessment to determine exactly where your child stands.  Call us today at 281 410 5946 to get it scheduled.


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