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Adapting to a new school, environment, and people can be challenging for some students. If you're in that situation, read the tips below to make this transition period easier for you.

How to Start in a New School

  1. Getting to know the new school you'll be attending can help you feel more secure about the change. To that end, tour the campus, research it online, and more, to get a better idea about it.
  2. Of course, you'll want to be as ready as possible to tackle this new challenge. That's why you should make it a point to have all of your school supplies, backpack, and more, prepared days in advance.
  3. How you look can affect your confidence, which is why you should care about your appearance. For instance, picking an outfit that you feel comfortable in can improve your attitude.
  4. Meeting new people is a surefire way to make a new school seem less intimidating. For that reason, introduce yourself to others (teachers, classmates, and more). If needed, ask those people for help on meeting others.
  5. As said above, you need to meet new people so you don't feel like an outsider, which is why you should get involved with your school's teams, clubs, functions, and other related activities.
  6. Missing your old friends can be one of the hardest things about going to a new school. Talk to them frequently (online, on the phone, etc.), so you don't feel as lonely.
  7. Above all, try your best to keep a positive attitude. Be confident, smile, be open for conversation, and try to find the good things about this whole situation.

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