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A well-read child is one that will be better equipped to understand the world around them. And while it's great if your child reads on their own, you should also know about the added benefits that can come when you read with them. For more information on this matter, read the post below.

How Reading With Your Child Can Benefit Them

  1. Spending time with your child is crucial for them to develop healthy social skills. Reading to each other will give you a chance to bond and become closer to them.
  2. Building the habit of reading can be challenging, especially for younger children who may be more eager to play or watch TV. By reading with them, you're inadvertently helping them become avid readers.
  3. Reading comprehension is an important part of reading. When you read with your child, you can answer their questions about the story-line, the vocabulary, and more, which will improve their understanding of the text.
  4. Not only can you answer questions, but you can ask them as well. If you ask your child about a plot point, or the decision one of the characters in the story made, you'll be helping them develop critical thinking skills.
  5. Last but not least, reading with your child gives you a chance to share your opinions, interpretations, ideas, and more, on the text you went over, which can be very eye-opening for the both of you.

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