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When you're writing an English report, putting a speech together, or doing your homework, having a thesaurus nearby can be very useful. If you would like to use said thesaurus correctly, you should follow the tips in the post below.

How to Use a Thesaurus Correctly

When to Use It

First and foremost, you need to identify the times in which you can reach for your thesaurus. It may be that you're repeating the same word over and over, or that you can't seem to find the right word to express an idea. On these occasions, it is safe to say, you can use it.

How to Search In It

Once you know you're in need of a thesaurus, you will have to search for the word you want to replace. How you do it, however, will depend on the type of thesaurus you have (be it online, alphabetical, or Roget-type), so figure out yours and search in it effectively.

Considering Context

One word may be a synonym to another in a certain context, but mean something completely different in a separate situation. That's why, whenever you're browsing for words in a thesaurus, know what you want to say to find the right replacement word.

Using It With Care

Lastly, you need to employ your thesaurus with care. For example, avoid overusing it, as it may lead to a confusing message. Likewise, only use replacement words you're completely certain of. If you aren't, look them up in the dictionary.

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